Dr. Janet Fraiser (bedside_manners) wrote,
Dr. Janet Fraiser

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It's been a while since Janet has dreamed about Cassie. She would never conciously forget her only child and this frightens Janet more than she can say.

Cassie had been calling out to Janet in her sleep, something the girl hadn't done since Janet first brought her home. Cassie had wanted to see her one more time, atleast once more, just to know that she was alright.

As much as Janet tried in her dream to comfort Cassandra, it seemed like the girl got further and further away.

Then, there had been a shimmering light, and Janet had stopped in her attempt to reach her daughter. The soft light reminded her of an event horizon and Janet knew that all she had to do was step through it and she would be at Cassie's side.

Then Janet had woken up, unable to take that step, and missing Cassie more than she had when she first arrived at Milliways.

So close.
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